Monday, April 21, 2008

Turning 50

As I told Emily, every time I have another ZERO birthday I feel that much bolder than I did before. Her reaction, "Oh, dear!" is probably appropriate but that's the way it works. At this point in my life I'm over being upset (much) about what other people think.

It was a fun birthday, all in all. As usual with us, it transpired over several days:

(1) The day before, Thursday, April 10, I had my birthday work out with Bally Boy Josh; that evening, Naoyuki and I went by Wegman's for their famous chocolate cake with the fudge frosting.

(2) On the day itself, Friday, April 11, I taught two classes at GCC and staffed the reference desk. I took Dunkin Donuts in to work and my colleagues treated me to pizza for lunch! That afternoon Naoyuki headed to San Diego for his conference. I came home to find my lawn littered with plastic black and white cows and a big sign that said, "Holy Cow, Richard's 50!", courtesy of our across the street neighbor Anita. That evening my friend Jim and I went out to dinner at Cucina Aroma, a nice Italian place off of Elmwood on Bryant in downtown Buffalo.

(3) Saturday I joined Naoyuki in San Diego (see previous post) for 4-5 days of eating out, gadding about, soaking up sunshine, and enjoying that sunny SoCal ambience. Naoyuki greeted me with a bottle of wine and some big ol' Hawaiian beads, courtesy of the Hilo Hattie's in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter.

But the best of all:

On my birthday itself I received e-mail from the University at Buffalo making a tentative offer of the position of Head of the Continuing Resources Division in the University Libraries. If everything works out OK (and we expect that to occur), I will start work (full-time, benefits, decent salary, 5 miles from our house) on Monday, May 19.

After nearly three years of looking, I am finally going to have a real job in Buffalo! It's a great way to turn 50!

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