Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Women who marry gay men

A couple of weeks ago Naoyuki and I were interviewed by Mary Garofalo, a reporter with Fox TV News in New York. Her topic was "Women who marry gay men" and she contacted me because she had seen my gaydads website.

I was a bit skeptical about how it would all go -- I'm no big fan of Fox News -- but I figured that Naoyuki and I were both pretty good at staying "on message" and that that would help. So Mary sent out a local camera crew (nice guys, both of them) and did the interview via speaker phone in our living room.

The interview itself lasted about an hour, much longer than I thought it would. It was pretty obvious that Mary had agenda -- "WHY do gay men enter these SHAM marriages and RUIN these womens' lives??!" seemed to be the theme -- but I wasn't buying into it.

The end result aired in NYC and on other Fox affiliates around the U.S. on Monday evening, November 6 (the night before the mid-term Congressional elections.) You can see the segment at the following link (although I'm not sure how long the link will remain active):


The tone was much as I expected -- "who knew there were all these gay men married to women?! Her life was ruined!" -- but I was pleased to see that Ms. Garofalo hadn't taken anything I said out of context or turned it around to make it seem that I'd said something other than I had intended. I was pleased, too, that the other ex-wife has taken such a pro-active approach to dealing with her experience (although I'm inclined to think that her list of "clues that your husband might be gay" is probably unfounded.)

The kicker:

Apparently about 10 seconds of my segment was picked up by VH1's "Best Week Ever" program. If anyone can find a link to it, please let me know -- I shudder to think what they had to say!

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